About Us
As Fluxe, our dream was to bring to life a platform that will complete car rental with a few clicks, and to be a companion of people.

With the rise of the car rental trend, we felt the need for a platform that would bring together all the stakeholders in the sector. Our greatest desire was to respond to this need with the fastest, most appropriate and practical solutions. This great desire came to life, combined with the power of our technology and the motivation of our team. While we offer all our guests the vehicles they want with the best price guarantee, we have taken firm steps towards becoming a unique platform in the car rental sector.

  • Easy.
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  • Economic.
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  • Everywhere.
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Meet our team
  • Aylin Kılıç
    Aylin Kılıç
    Proje Yöneticisi
  • Akif Yıldırım
    Akif Yıldırım
    Saha Uzmanı
  • Nesrin Mutlu
    Nesrin Mutlu
  • Mustafa Yılmaz
    Mustafa Yılmaz
    Makina Mühendisi
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As a “happiness-obsessed institution”, we believe it is possible to make everyone happy and we work hard for it.

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