Is insurance required for rental cars?

Is Rent A Car Insurance Mandatory? Since car rental is a commercial transaction, it is essential to have Rent A Car insurance in all rented vehicles, that is, it is not optional and the policy is specially prepared for car rental companies.

After the car rental process is done, the contract is made in case of any accident or damage to the rented vehicle. For the question of what happens if the rented vehicle is scratched, the contract is evaluated.

If the tenant delivers the vehicle to us with the missing fuel level, the extra fuel fee will be requested from the tenant. If this rule is taken into consideration regarding the fuel in the leasing process, in case of missing fuel level, the fuel cost and the service fee equal to 25 percent more of this price are reflected to the lessee.

Damage to the rental vehicle is covered by the insurance. Insurance covers this cost from the traffic insurance of the defective driver.

The most important document that you should have with you when renting a car is your driver's license. Along with the driver's license, you must have a credit card registered in your name with you when you receive your vehicle. You should also make sure that the limit of your credit card is sufficient.